Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Gift a Day (DIY Gift Share) 2014: An Introduction

My daughter has gained an appreciation for home made gifts over the years.  I think it probably stems from the fact that since she's been born she's been watching mom work like a demon come the holiday season (and as the years have gone on and my husband's family has grown, she's watched mom work like a demon all year long) on making gifts for family, therapists and friends.

Why do I make gifts every year?  Well, the most pragmatic answer is that my husband and I have lived in a perpetual state of broke since the first year of our marriage (he works in a family owned business...what are you going to do?).  And the second reason, which I consider to be the most important, to me, is that I consider home made gifts more special than store bought ones.

So, this year, I figured I'd share a bit how I do the "Christmas Gift Making Rush" as I call it (and this year it has been a rush for me because I procrastinated starting gifts, pure and simple) and share with you some of the gifts I make.  A lot of them, if you have basic skills like knitting, crocheting or can run a sewing machine, can be made relatively quickly.  And, if you buy materials used (which I do as often as I possibly can), or buy things with coupons at the fabric store, you don't have to invest a lot of money to make a gift that won't look the LEAST bit cheap, I promise you. I'll even provide cost breakdowns for the gifts I make, to give you an idea of how buying used (or really cheap new) can help you.

So, stay tuned as I share "A Gift A Day" on the blog here and hopefully inspire a few people to maybe make a gift or two for people this year to make the season that much more special.  Without worrying about how much it will cost in the end.



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