Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Gift A Day Day Three: Kid Book (Panel Project)

This is one of those projects where shopping used stores and yard sales really pays off.  I picked up a "panel project" at one of the local used stores.  A "panel project" is basically a pre-printed project with easy to follow instructions (sew these two things together on the line, turn right side out and done, type of thing).  I bought the panel because it would help me create an overstuffed book, which I thought was awesome as we have a couple of babies in the family that are at the age of playing with things, but not really up to playing with things like hot wheels cars and such. 

Well, I was doubly surprised when I unrolled the full panel only to find it was TWO panels instead of one!  So, I was able to get two book panels for the 1.00 I spent on the panel!

Since we had two babies in the family I was so happy I might have done a small happy dance.  The only thing I needed to supply was some batting (which I had from other projects throughout the years) and thread (and lots of lining things up and pinning to make sure the pages approached straight).  Since this year I decided to take it easy on myself and only give gifts to the children in the family (my husband is one of seven children.  All children in the family HAVE children of their own now and we have more every year.  So, yeah, it's a lot of kids), this was a great way to get two more gifts out of the way!

Total Time to Complete Gift:  About two hours per book.  Most of that was spent cutting out the panels and then trying to line them up JUST right so that they were somewhat straight (which was a challenge, actually).

Total Cost of Gift: 
.50 per book.  The two panels together cost 1.00 and the batting was free as I'd had it left over from other things I did years ago.   I also had tons of thread I've bought throughout the years, so I didn't need to buy any thread to complete the project.

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