Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift Two: Tool Roll

 The second gift I made this year wasn't actually a planned one (normally I have "the list" that I go by religiously).  My husband asked me if I could make him a replacement tool roll for one that was falling apart on him.  I said sure and pounded out this tool roll for him.

I used a double layer of duck fabric for the entire project and used double folded bias tape for the edges.  Once I actually figured out how to get the slanting pockets to line up right (measure twice, sew once was a good lesson I should have known from the beginning), it all came together pretty fast.  I then took some more bias tape, sewed down the length of it to make a tie for the roll and wrote the size of the wrenches to go in the pockets on the tool roll with a sharpie.

The husband loved it and got it early because he asked ;).

Total Time to Make Gift:  Two hours (which would have gone faster if I hadn't ripped out my stitches on the openings about four times).

Total Cost of Materials:
  I've had the duck fabric for years (got it at a used store) and I had the bias tape (get it at the used stores when I find it for .10).  So, total cost out of pocket was nothing, but I guess we can include the .10 bias tape.

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