Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift One: The "Summer Scarf"

Since I am wayyyyy far behind on blogging (been busy doing the whole making gifts thing), I figured I'd better get right down to it here and share some of the gifts I've been doing (since I still have some recipes to share, too and if I'm going to get this stuff done by Christmas...well you get the idea).

So, here was day one of my making a gift a day (as in within 24 hours of time), although this one is kinda hard to say if it qualifies.

See, I love to knit scarves.  Why?  Because they are warm, you can make them in tons of colors and themes, and they are easy to make.  So, every year after the holidays I start a scarf and I end up referring to it as my "summer scarf" because, once the weather starts getting warmer, I put it aside until cold weather strikes again (inevitably) and I just kind of work on it when my son has therapy or other "windows of time" I find.  So, the time it took to make this scarf?  I have no idea.  But, hey I didn't feel rushed making it and I finished it up in a day :).

Total Time for Gift:  Do not know.

Total Cost of Materials for Gift:  I always buy as much yarn as I can from used stores and yard sales.  The two types of yarn I used for this (a pearly off white yarn and a variegated yarn) were both purchased for .50 for two Ziploc bags worth at a yard sale (I think I got like 3 skeins of one and 2 skeins of another) and I'd had the yarn for a while.  So, total cost:  I'd estimate max of about .25 for the materials.

Don't know how to knit?  Try You Tube!  There are some great instructional videos out there!

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