Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift Four: Brimmed Hat

 One of the things I love about used stores is every once in a while you can run into a project someone else started and you can finish it up, make it your own and make it beautiful, and it still cut down on your labor because someone else started it for you.  This is one of those projects.

I was at the used store one day and they were selling a BIG bag full of skeins of yarn and inside was a couple of projects someone started with said yarn.  One of those projects was this hat.  Not much was done, but the top of the hat was complete, which was great because the stitches were nice and uniform (a challenge for me when I'm crocheting a circle).  So, I messed around until I found the proper size of crochet hook to complete the "main part" of the hat and then downsized by like three crochet hook sizes (went from a size 8 to a size 5), to make a nice tight brim for the hat.  I had my daughter model as on an adult head the hat worked, but I kind of looked like an alien because it was tight.  But, on my daughter it looked great. 

So, I'm hoping it looks as good on my niece of the same age as my daughter.  If not, I just hope she doesn't look like an alien in it ;).

Total Time to Complete Gift:  About four hours (give or take since I did it over a couple of nights during movie watching time).

Total Cost to Complete Gift:  The bag with the yarn and unfinished projects cost 4.00.  So, I'd guestimate it probably cost about .75 total cost in yarn to complete the hat (I still have LOTS of yarn to go through).  And it even came with a couple of crochet hooks in the bag, which was a nice bonus!

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