Friday, December 12, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift Five: The Camo Scarf

When broke and trying to think of a gift to give to boys, life becomes somewhat difficult.  I mean girls you can make a doll or something for, but the boys in our family?  Yeah, I can't build a remote control car or something, so the best I could really do was to just make the nephews some scarves if I couldn't find them cool toys at the used stores or on clearance at the local stores. 

So, this scarf I designed for my nephew who loves commando type of play.  I mixed a solid tan yarn with a green variegated yarn to make a camo look (I hope), to the scarf.  Since I doubled up on my yarn (to mix the colors for one and to make it nice and thick for two), it actually went pretty fast.

Total Time to Make Project:
  Five hours.  I knit pretty fast anymore.

Total Cost to Make Project:
  I had both the yarns in my overflowing yarn basket, so it cost me nothing out of pocket to make the project.

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