Monday, December 15, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift Ten: Texture Pillow

The result of my daughter asking me if I could make her a scarf was that now I had to think of something else to make for my son for Christmas to keep their gifts equal.  The result of my brain storming came up with a "texture pillow" for him.

I made a pillow form out of a yard of muslin I had bought from Jo-Ann a couple of months ago for .99.  I then stuffed it with some of my found batting.  The front of the pillow cover (it has an envelope closure in the back...I make sure I can wash everything I make for my son especially) is knitted with a combo of cotton yarn and acrylic yarns I had (to make it not too absorbent, which the cotton yarn would have done and to make it not too heavy either).  The back of the pillow cover I made with micro fleece that I had in my cloth stores.

Total time to make project:  About eight hours (I hand sewed the pillow cover together to make sure the knitted front fit correctly to the back of the cover).

Total Cost:
  About .25 to take into account the 1/4 yard of muslin I used for them pillow form.

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