Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Gift a Day Gift Eleven: Sleep Pants

One thing I wanted to make for my kids was sleep pants, but I didn't have really great material to make Alvah some pants to fit his tastes.

So, black Friday rolls around and Jo-Ann Fabrics has flannel 75% off.  So, I went and picked up a ton of flannel (I just bought what was on a bolt when I went) so I'd have materials to make pants for the kids as they grew.  I also picked up a super muslin bolt on Jo-Ann's website for 60% off a few days before (42.00 after shipping), so I was thrilled that I'd have all of the fabric I needed to get projects for a couple of years done for the kids.

So, Alvah's sleep pants were made with some of the flannel from that purchasing spree.  I also got the kids 3 t-shirts each as they were on sale for 2.00 a piece so they could wear those as bed shirts. Armina's were made with some flannel I had in storage for YEARS and had found out in my storage van. 

I can not ooze enough about the pattern I used either!  I had previously used a McCall pattern to make my kids sleep pants and such and the pattern was complicated, hard to line up and just a pain.  The pattern I bought at a used store for .10?  It is GOLD!  The pattern I used was this one.  I can not recommend it enough!

It is a one piece pattern that you make two of, the instructions are EASY and the seam allowances are generous.  And it comes with a 1 1/4 inch hem built into the pattern.  I made the kids both size eight pants and just made an extra generous hem on top of that so I can just let out the pants as I need to (and left some extra elastic in the waistband doubled over and sewed in so I can let out the waist as needed to.  For once, I thought ahead!).

Both pants came out great and other than sizing the pants being a pain on my son (he hates to stand still), they were so easy to make I'm glad I kept my cut pieces of pattern so I can tape the pattern up as the kid's size increases!

Total Time for Gift:
  About 1 hour per pair of pants (and no, I'm not kidding!)

Total Cost for gift:  Armina's pants cost nothing as I already had everything.  Alvah's cost about 2.00 for materials.  The pattern cost .10.  So, 2.10 for the entire project day!

Note:  Yes, I know that the above sleep pants do not meet any flammability requirements and so please don't worry about e-mailing me about it.  Thanks.

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