Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Gift A Day Gift Eight: Stuffed Unicorn

My daughter loved the movie "Despicable Me" and since it came out she wanted a stuffed unicorn.  I bought a pattern last year with every intention of making her a unicorn, but looked at all the pattern pieces involved and I honestly chickened out.  She got a stuffed teddy bear (four piece pattern) instead.  Which she loved and still sleeps with, but this year I was determined to give the unicorn a shot.

I seriously have not made any type of "complicated" stuffed animal since junior high home economics class, so I was more than a little worried that the unicorn would come out looking like the pig I made way back then.  Luckily. this time it came out a lot better.  Much to my relief *laugh*.

Total Time to Make Gift: 
10 Hours.  I was obsessed with making sure everything was just right on this one.  It was actually easier than I thought it would be.  The instructions were very well detailed, which was great.

Total Cost to Make Gift:  I had the pink flannel in my very prolific cloth stores (I pick things up all year every year at the used stores and yard sales and any time Jo-Ann's has a huge sale going on) and had it for years.  It was an odd shaped cut I bought at the used store (like four yards long, but only like 10 inches wide), so it worked out PERFECT for this project!  I also had the satiny material in my fabric as well and I used my found batting to stuff said unicorn.  I had shorter fur than the pattern called for, so I used that for the mane and tail (I didn't want to spend the money on a fur remnant for one and for two I figured it'd stop my son from plucking the fur so quickly (a new stim of his).  I even had weight beads on hand for the unicorn's legs, so it will stand the way it is supposed to.

I used a pattern I already had from last year, although originally I only paid .99 for the pattern anyway (Jo Ann sale).  So, it was definitely a cost effective project!  The pattern I used was this one.  It was actually really easy to follow!

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