Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product Review: Ghirardelli Milk and Truffle Chocolates

Image Source: Ghirardelli Website.
Have I mentioned my love of Shespeaks recently?  I've tried some pretty cool products through them over the last year or so and this time was no different.

Shespeaks recently sent me a bag of Ghirardelli's newest flavor of chocolates to try, Milk and Truffle.  I decided to write a review on these because they really did make an impression on me enough to want to share.

Okay, how to put this without seeming like a chocolate crazed oddball....ummm...I tried them and didn't want to share?

Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

I DID share though.  I gave some to my daughter to try, who loves chocolate (me normally?  Not really a chocolate fan unless it's DARK chocolate, so that's saying something for how good these suckers least to me :) and she loved them.

I ended up eating some and then finding myself hiding them so my husband wouldn't eat them (how sad am I?) and I finally decided that my waist line did NOT need anymore of them so I gave the last few to my mother-in-law to spread out amongst the chocolate loving women in the family.

All I can say is if I ever get a chocolate craving and these are on sale and/or I'm in trouble ;).

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