Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apologies for lack of posts and Winner of the Gevalia Coffee Giveaway!

What a week!  Sorry that I've been out...well pretty much all week, but our router died when my computer did (different set of problems on it, unfortunately, so there's no hope for it), so I've been TRYING to share the internet with my husband...well if you can call it sharing *grumble*.  So, I've been offline whether I liked it or not most of the week and have been doing things like baking more cakes than I ever wanted to (birthday, then birthday party and then treats for my son that HE could eat as well), cleaning my house, organizing my kitchen and laying laminate flooring with my husband (when he found the time ;).  To answer Rachel's question via e-mail...yes...if I can ever keep my kitchen clean for more than five minutes, I'll be sure to take pictures of it and how I organize things someday (hopefully soon *laugh*).

So, anyway, after a VERY busy week, the post announcing the winner of the coffee giveaway is also late, but better late than never right?

I've already e-mailed the winner, but wanted to post this here too to make sure they check their e-mail.  So, without further ado the winner of the Gevalia Coffee is...

Gina Raymer (e-mail entry) who said she'd like to try the chocolate mocha flavor!

Thank you to all who participated and congrats to you, Gina!

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