Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hearth and Home: Make Your Own Bathroom Cleaner

I had to share this recipe because not only is it AWESOMELY simple to make it truly works wonderfully at cleaning up ring around the tub and pretty much everything else.  It'll even polish your facets for you (just don't scrub too terribly hard ;).  And the best part?  Minimal scrubbing is needed to get this stuff to work!

Here's your basic formula.  Ready with your pencils because this recipe is SO long (dry sense of humor?  Check ;) you'll never get over it.

Home Made Bathroom Cleaner (Soft Scrub or Scrubbing Bubbles)

  • Baking Soda
  • Dish Soap
  • Vinegar in a spray bottle (optional)

1.  First take baking soda.  I usually start out with like 1/2 of a cup or so if I'm doing the entire bathroom.

2. Grab your favorite container of dishwashing soap.  I use Seventh Generation dish soap as it's the only one I can use with my son's contact allergies (I've even started using it as shampoo every three days to strip my hair in between natural shampooings.  Works wonders).

3.  Add your baking soda to a container.  I use a wide mouthed 1/2 pint mason jar for this (don't use any dish you care a LOT about as it COULD get scratched doing this!).

4.  Add enough dish soap to form a paste (think library paste).

5.  Put the paste on sponge and scrub scrub scrub (well honestly I didn't have to do much scrubbing at all on our tub and it had a lot of soap scum on it...amazing how much MORE soap scum you get when you use real soap all the time).  When the area is clean rinse well with water until the baking soda is gone and voila!  Easy Peazy!

To make home made "Scrubbing Bubbles":  Make paste the consistency of toothpaste, slather onto the walls of your shower, let sit until allowed to dry a little bit (10 minutes is usually about what I do) and then take a spray bottle of vinegar to it and watch the sudsing action occur.  Home made scrubbing bubbles!

Note just from the overly paranoid:  I don't care if it is just vinegar and baking soda compared to oxygen activated commercial chemical induced reaction.  Mixing an acid and a base is mixing an acid and a base, so PLEASE be sure to be in a well ventilated area to mix them (at least make sure your exhaust fan is on) and just be careful :).

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