Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY: How to Make Butter (super easy)

Thanks to "Over the Hill and on a Roll" for use of the image!
And yes, this DOES work with ultra pasteurized cream.  It DID take I'd say about 8 or 9 minutes, though, not five (I used Organic Cream).  Just wait and if you have a super duper powerful mixer (like my Viking) you MIGHT want to turn it down from the ultra high setting or all it does is continue to whip the stuff into an emulsion instead of getting the separation of buttermilk from milk fats like you want.  I whipped the cream for a good 7 minutes or so with nothing but hard peaks forming and then turned my Viking down to about speed setting 8 (down from 12) and it started to IMMEDIATELY separate :).

2 Pints of cream yielded me 1 lb of butter.  For about 5.00 total cost (and if you can find regular heavy cream, not organic on reduced it'd be cheaper yet!) I thought that was pretty awesome for home made butter :).

I just used my kitchen scale, made the butter into 4 oz packages (since butter weighs the same by weight as by volume) to make "sticks" and then sort of jammed it into a block like shape in some wax paper and then I froze the now wrapped sticks stacked in a Gladware container (can never be too safe from freezer funk).  So now I have home made butter to go with special occasions.  Booyah!

So, go HERE where Over the Hill and on a Roll shows you how to make butter in under 5 minutes.


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