Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Totally Gluten Free Tuesday: Some Ideas For a Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Thanks to MAID in Alaska for use of the image!
Since Thanksgiving is nearly upon us (MAN where did the month go?)...

Go HERE where Keeper of the Home has a neat post on some ideas to help with your gluten free Thanksgiving this year.

Have a dairy allergy along with your gluten issues (as is pretty common from what I've seen :)?

Go HERE where MAID in Alaska shares a really great tasting recipe (I've made this just to go with roast chicken :) for gluten and dairy free stuffing for your turkey this year.

Also, be sure to be careful to anyone that's newly been diagnosed with gluten issues.  Turns out a lot of turkeys have gluten injected into them with the broth and/or other stuff to make them moist so to be safe try to go with an all natural 100% turkey (I just have to deal with a garlic allergy and I'm STILL getting my turkey from Mat Valley Meats this year just to be safe).  Safeway (at least up here in Alaska) carries all natural turkeys without anything injected into them if you don't or can't make it to your local butcher.


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