Monday, October 10, 2011

Make it Monday: How to Make Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns

Thanks to Our Best Bites for use of the photo!
These were so darn cute that when I saw them on Our Best Bites I knew where one "Make it Monday" segment was going to go *laugh*.

Go HERE for a very simple (and quick) tutorial on how to make Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns.  This would be a good time to pick up a couple of jars from the used stores!

Me?  My jars are being used for canning right now, unfortunately (sort of *laugh*) but if I end up with a chipped rim somewhere I know where my jar is going ;).  You could even switch these up for different holidays.  I can see jars with different autumn leaves pasted on for Thanksgiving/fall themes, Christmas trees and snowflakes for Christmas, etc.  The sky is the limit :).


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