Sunday, April 4, 2010

OAMC April: Day 2 (sorta) Part 1...

After a "Break" in the cooking schedule yesterday, I figured I'd better get at least SOME cooking done today before we go over to the in-laws for dinner tonight.  So, since I'm totally wiped, I decided to start with really the easiest project first.  The Freezer Baked French Toast.  That took like five minutes, which was nice.  The finished "project" minus alluminum foil and labeling, is above.  This time I actually used a loaf of home made white bread that was starting to go stale on me for the slices of bread.  I just cut them to about 1" thick and made darn sure I used enough liquid to absorb into thick cut stale bread.  If it doesn't come out tasting like french's going to be darn tasty bread pudding if nothing else *laugh*.

Next up I'm going to make the meatballs and meatloaf to throw in the freezer later and I'm going to go and work on one of my more ambitious projects (for me)...layered popsicles for the kids (I found a cool recipe in the Williams and Sonoma kids cookbook and figured what the heck).  I hope I did a good job of making a level spot in the freezer to stick my popsicle took me FOREVER to get the popsicle juice off the inside of my block freezer last time.

The chicken soup to can is in the crock pot.   I'm doing things super lazy this time around just for conviences sake.  I used dehydrated carrots (no cutting them that way), some frozen onions and celery I had (since who cares if those come out mushy right?  I mean it's SOUP!), canned broth, etc.  I'm just using some canned chicken meat I have in the house for the meat, because it's already cooked, easy to throw into the soup and makes things just one step easier.  I DID cut up one lowly turnip I found in my veggie drawer that was feeling "wilty" (I guess is the best way to put it), but wasn't close to bad yet and threw that in.  The soup's been going since about 9:00 this morning so it should be ready to can soon (since everything is pretty much cooked ahead of time, it doesn't need to cook all day).  Yay!  I ended up making less than I normally do because of "lack of volume" of ingredients really, so I'm expecting to get probably 3 cans of soup out of this batch.  Especially since I'm not going to make home made noodles this time (too darn tired) and am going to use egg noodles I have instead.  I'm looking forward to having soup again...although soon I'm going to have to make some more beef stew again...I loved having the choice of chicken or being down to just chicken, even though I have the materials on hand, makes me miss the choice I had.

So, onto the next project.  Wish me and my tired brain luck!

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