Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy (early) Easter Everyone!

It was a long, but seriously fun, day for us around here.  We went into Anchorage today to do birthday shopping for my nephew's birthday (we couldn't find him anything out in the Valley really) and made a day of it.  My sister-in-law, Gretchen, came with us and we had fun! 

We went to Michaels to see if we could find something cool for my nephew, but we didn't find much.  I did use the 50% off one item coupon for me though, so I ended up spending 7.00 dollars on me, but oh well *grin*.

We then went to Toys R' Us and spent money *rolls eyes amused* but we DID find a b-day gift and stuff.

And then we went to JC Penny and spent a giftcard my mom had sent me for Christmas.  I LOVE giftcards to JC Penny for one good reason.  You hit a sale?  A good one?  And you can walk out with TONS of stuff for your money.  For instance they had their Easter Doorbuster sale going till 1:00 pm and they had the spend 50.00 get 10.00 back and spend 75.00 get 15.00 back.  By splitting things up into two transactions during the necessary time limit, today I got clothes for my daughter (three outfits that can be interchanged) in the next size up in clothing and some sandals for said daughter.  I also got some new sneakers (normally 40.00...yeesh shoes just aren't any cheaper for kids anymore are they?  The shoes are two sizes too big, but he'll grow into them) for my son.  They have Cars on them and they light up...he'll be in heaven if his personality doesn't change too much. We also got two brand new pairs of jeans for my husband, some sunglasses for the kids (in a purse giftpack thingie in the case of my daughter), and some clothes for me.  And we still had money left on the giftcard when we left (and the giftcard wasn't for a fortune either).  Giftcards are so awesomely cool as gifts that way...and sales...sales are great =).

We also got to see the amusing spectacle of my daughter running as hard and as fast as she could away from the Easter Bunny and whenever he'd get near my son he'd try to climb me he wanted up in my arms so fast. 

Tommorrow, I'm hoping to mark off a couple more things on my cooking list, but by the time we got home we were all pretty wasted (but MAN the kids were so good today!  I almost didn't want to come home for fear they'd get cranky again...they've been pretty cranky lately :).  So, I didn't get any cooking done.  But, that's okay.  It's not like my freezer is going anywhere *laugh*.

And, in case I get busy with my own family stuff and don't blog tommorrow, have a Happy Easter all!

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