Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sneak Peak of Upcoming Events...

And hey, great news!  I'm actually feeling human today!  Yes, believe it or not, that's big news to me *laugh*.

So, I promised a "sneak peak" into up and coming events this upcoming week.  I was going to just out and out announce this tommorrow, but I want to give people time to "prep their fingers" and prepare their computers *laugh*.  That and I was worried the "big news" would get buried under the weekly deals (as a lot of things seem to) and I wanted to make sure this got a "spotlight" on it.

So, what is the big news?  Wellllll as any obsessive compulsive fan of this blog would know (seriously, no I didn't even remember the specifics and had to look it up myself), tommorrow we turn ONE!  Wooooo!!!  *Pumps fist in air*  Yay!!!!!   It sure doesn't feel like a year has passed to tell the truth, but we made it already =).

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I went to local businesses in the area and put together not one day, not two, but a week's worth of giveaways for you (and we have got some very nice ones too :).  So, starting tommorrow there is going to be a week of giveaways.  Each giveaway will be 24 to 48 hours (well one will be 48 hours long and trust me when we get there you'll see why) and YES, if you're that lucky you can win multiple giveaways.  I think I figured out a good way to do things and to let people know if they won and what not, but I'll get into that tommorrow when I put everything into effect.

These giveaways are going to be for Alaskan's only (obviously since who else is going to need things like gift certificates and what not from our local businesses?), but trust me you're going to want to pop in your head to enter these.

And, no, I'm not getting anything out of this (unless you include me paying shipping, but that wouldn't make sense would it *laugh*).  I recieved 100% no compensation from any of these businesses.  I just went asking for stuff to give to you lucky people. 

So, in short, we're turning one tommorrow so LET'S PARTY!!!!


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yay! a year already?! no way! time flies! looking forward to your giveaways!