Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OAMC Day Part 1...

And Good Morning Everyone! Those of us from the legions of the "pre-coffee undead" welcome you to this editon of "My Trashed, But Functioning, House" ;). Seriously, I wanted to get my house meticulously clean last night so I could get up this morning and be welcomed by my beautiful house and not worry so much about cleaning AND cooking...but I ran out of steam at about 8:00 (didn't sleep the night before) and didn't get my dishes done. BUT I think I have a plan to get those done while things are rising and/or baking this morning so that'll work out (I hope).

I didn't get the Fred Meyer deals done yesterday due to my really sporadic internet connection. I ended up losing my printed Fred Meyer ad (thank goodness AFTER I used the coupons I needed out of it) to my daughter who tore it into confetti (who knew she could climb that high?), so I was trying to do things off the online ad. It didn't go well with my veerrrrrrryyyy slow internet connection yesterday.

But, don't despair. I will work on the weekly ads (Fred Meyer and Carrs) in between "baking dashes" (as I like to call it) when things are rising, or baking or whatever.

I created my "Master List" early yesterday, pulled the MULTITUDES of meat I had in the freezer to start to thaw on the counter, and took off to the dentist appointment for the kids (no cavaties! Woohoo!). Then, last night I started on some of the items that needed to be done last night and/or could be "blocked in" with what I was doing.

For instance, I had to marinate pork last night because my husband actually wanted to try one of the dishes I'm making later this week (or tonight more realistically), so I cut up the big pork shoulder roast I had and put it into four different portions (1 lb approximately each) and made up the marinades for the "Sweet and Sour Pork" (I tripled that one, so I SURE hope we like it) and then took the last pound of pork shoulder and made another marinade and put it to good use. I let the ones we're not going to use right away in the fridge for a couple of hours to "stew" and then stuck them in the freezer. Also, since we were having leftover Beef Terriyaki for dinner that I had made, I had to make rice, so I just put in extra with the original amount I was making and then made another batch while I was making the marinades for pork (and helping to juggle the kids of course =).

So, at any rate, here's the "Master List" of things I want to get done today. This is rather ambitious I have to admit. Worse comes to worse, I figure, I'll split it up into two days. I'll post up recipe match-ups/links and stuff when I'm done with everything (since I don't have time to look everything up right now).


Chicken Lo Mein x 1
Sweet and Sour Pork x 3
Rice x 2
Balsamic Pork x 1
Hamburger Patties/Turkey Patties
Taco Meat
Pizza Crust x 2
Orange Rolls x 1
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies x 1
Breakfast Cookies, kids recipe x 1
Breakfast Cookies, husband recipe x 1
Farmhouse Chicken x 2
Beef Terriyaki (steaks cup up and marinated) x2
White Bread (breadmaker) x 1
German Black Bread (non-bread maker) x 1
Peach Pie x 1
Refrigerator Pie/Quiche x 1
Blueberry Waffles (in G-5 grill)

I'm not one to "Die by the list" so I'm sure I'll add and/or subtract things as I go along, but that's my master plan right now. Here's hoping I can get even a quarter of it done.

And now off to mix some bread, stick some pizza crust into the bread maker, make a peach pie and the quiche and get everything into the oven before I need a massive coffee break (and don't worry I'll post up a couple of cool things that are going on today before I do that).

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