Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Late but not forgotten...The Winner of the AK Bargain Hunter Giveaway!

Ha *points fingers at you all* YOU thought I had forgotten to get a winner for the Purex 3-in-1 Laundry sheets DIDN'T you?!?  Well *ahem* you would be right *laugh*.  I completely spaced what day it was until I was filling out paperwork for my son this morning and went "Huh...there was something else I had to do today" and it hit me when we were in the middle of shopping.  Whoops! 

My only excuse is that things have been super duper uber busy around here...to the point of insanely busy.  I'll have to take a picture of the thermostat guard my husband had to put on tonight...my son has discovered there are buttons on it and no matter how I barricaded it, he just thought it was a challenge to get through it.  I have had my house down to about 62 before I realized that something was wrong and had it up to as hot as 80 degrees before I was trying to figure out why it felt like a sauna in here.  Ahhh, children *laugh* they are never boring.  I've felt like I was part of the "National Thermostat Guard" the last week.

Bright side *points finger in air* tommorrow is the LAST running I have to do for a while (taking the kids to the dentist for their 6 month check up), so that'll be a LOAD off my mind (and work load period).  Because I forgot about their appointment I'm going to do a general "prep and defrost" day tommorrow and then doing my mass cooking and baking day on Wednesday (since I'm going to be baking bread and the LAST thing you want to do is take off in the middle of a rise and find out that you're delayed by a couple of hours or something).  So, another bright point to that this is that I'll be able to actually DO the weekly deals as well!  Yay!

And now that you are all ready to form a lynch mob to force me to share the results of Random.org's fine number generator thingie, without further ado...the winner of the Purex 3-in-1 Laundry sheets is....*Drum roll*...


Please e-mail me ASAP (since you didn't leave me one that'll work when I reply to it...very odd...I will try again tommorrow though) and let me know your address, and prefferred scent of laundry sheet, so that I can mail off your laundry sheets to you.  Thanks to all that participated!

And stay tuned!  There's another giveaway coming up soon enough!

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Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Hey Twinmom!

Me again! Just wanted to let you know that I mailed off your Laundry Sheets today (well my husband did anyway :). For some odd reason, my e-mail doesn't want to communicate with yours from my end, so I figured I'd let you know here.