Thursday, March 4, 2010

OAMC Day 2: Part 2...

Pictured above:  My little helpers.  Alvah "helped" himself to some pop-tarts that were unopened on the table *laugh* and Armina "helped" herself to my pan cupboard.  I love my kids =).

Well, har, today is DEFINITELY turning out to be less productive than yesterday, but once the kids get up from their nap (and are thus less cranky...hopefully), my productivity SHOULD shoot up.

It took me three and what a half hours to get the Chicken Lo Mein done (but WOW does it taste good!).  I'll dig up where I found the recipe and post it soon. 

Today is, what I like to call, one of my daughter's "Eating Days".  She has this terrible tendency to go for like two days where she doesn't want to eat much of anything, or just wants to eat not-good-for-her foods, and then on a day like today she makes up for it by eating everything under the sun (and good for her foods too boot).  So, I've been busy fetching bannanas, apples, whole wheat toast, noodles (she's actually eating them plain...I'm planning on using the leftover noodles from the Lo Mein to make a quick thing of Spaghetti, but maybe I'll just freeze what little is left of the noodles *laugh*), juice, cheese slices, etc.  I'm sure not complaining about her eating at ALL, but it does eat up your time *laugh*.

And Alvah has just been cranky...poor kid.  So, I've been trying to keep them occupied while working.  So, hopefully I'll get more done here in a little bit =).  I'm still pretty confident I can get everything done tonight, but let's see how it goes.

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