Thursday, March 4, 2010

OAMC Day 2: Part 1

I'm getting a very late start today, mainly because I went to bed completely and utterly wiped out (my son took a "nap" at 8:30 last night despite our best efforts to keep him up, so he was up till 1:00 am) and woke up later than I wanted.  Not to mention that it took me two cups of coffee to get even remotely going this morning.  But, that's okay really.  Because I remembered to go and play the Kroger Hit the Hoop Sweepstakes this morning and I won free Kraft Cheese!  Woohoo!!!  Me loves me some free cheese!

Once I get the cookies and stuff going it's just going to be an assembly line type of affair anyway and I don't have much in the way of breads and sutff to make today, so that'll cut down my time.  I think I'm going to tackle the most time consuming things first (chicken chow mein and chicken kiev) before anything else.  Because, really, this OAMC day is about getting meals done, and mainly DINNER types of meals (for me anyway) since that's the most difficult meal to come up with at the end of the day.  If I don't get to the breakfast stuff we have bread for toast, cereal in the cupboard and I'm going to make a thing of Crock Pot Oatmeal tonight for tommorrow morning, so it's not like I'm scrambling for ideas for breakfast.

Instead of doing traditional chicken Kiev, though, I think I'm just going to pound my chicken breasts flat, bread and fry them really quickly and then make an herb butter sauce...well herb butter with a thickener added type of deal...I'll just stick it in some small containers and freeze it with the chicken.  Why?  Because every single time I make chicken Kiev I have a HECK of a time getting the butter to stay IN the Chicken Kiev while I'm frying them. So, I figured, instead of trying to make herb butter and freeze it, pound chicken breasts to death and try to get it all wrapped around the butter, let it sit for hours on end before I EVEN fry them and stuff, I had this epiphany last night that maybe, JUST maybe doing it this way might be easier.  We'll see though.  Hopefully my husband likes it, because it's still going to be some work.

So, I'm off at a crawl today.  But, hey, the turtle won the race against the hare, so we'll see how I do today =).

Here's the list of things to do today...


Chicken Lo Mein x 1
Freezer Chicken Kiev
Hamburger Patties/Turkey Patties
Taco Meat
Orange Rolls x 1 (bread maker)
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies x 1

Breakfast Cookies, kids recipe x 1
Breakfast Cookies, husband recipe x 1
Blueberry Waffles (in G-5 grill)

1 thing home made freezer french fries
3 racks baby back ribs, BBQ

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