Thursday, March 4, 2010

OAMC Day 2: End of the Day Recap...

Well, woohoo, I'm done for the day.  And I did get a decent amount done today, despite the late start.  I will be doing some more work tommorrow, but not too terribly bad.  I'm actually rather happy with today's turnout, since I really didn't get to START working until about 4:00 or so.  So, here's the breakdown of what I did.

Pictured above is the Chicken Kiev Piccata (as I like to call it ;).  I just butterflied the chicken breasts to make them "flat", seasoned some panko bread crumbs and breaded the chicken and then pan fried them until they were cooked.  I then stuck them into a freezer bag with the "herb butter pre-sauce" that I made (I made herb butter, mixed it with a little panko bread crumbs, that will act as a thickener for the sauce later, and then put in a little boullion powder for depth of flavor.  I then took heaping teaspoons full and wrapped them in waxed paper like tootsie rolls, so that I can pull out individual portions when I need them.  I figure when I melt the butter to make it into sauce I'll mix it with a little white wine and a little lemon juice...I think it'll come out tasting nice.), bagged, tagged and stuck them in the freezer.

Next up, I was going to make hamburger patties and taco meat, but my husband shot down that idea, saying he didn't like re-heated hamburgers.  So, I made two things of taco meat instead (1 thing of it is pictured cooking above). 

I then took the ground turkey I had and made mini-meatloaves with it.  I added a little nutmeg to the mix to make the flavors pop a little bit more.  I think they turned out pretty darn good.

And my final adventure for the day was completing one thing of my "Sweet and Sour Pork" for dinner. Looks nice doesn't it?  I was happy with how it turned out (except the sauce was a little bland, and the stained counter I took a picture of with it *laugh*). 

I'll do recipe match-ups and all of that tommorrow, after I have the remaining items on my list done (or as close as I'm going to get).   So, my list for tommorrow isn't going to be too bad.  I think I'm going to switch the "waffles" for "pancakes" though, so I can make them itty bitty tiny so my daughter will be more likely to eat them (she'll eat quarter pancakes, but big ones she doesn't seem to want to eat...very odd).  So, here's what I got done today and what I have left for tommorrow...

Chicken Lo Mein x 1
Freezer Chicken Kiev
Taco Meat x 2
Mini-Meatloaves x 1
Orange Rolls x 1
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies x 1
Breakfast Cookies, kids recipe x 1
Breakfast Cookies, husband recipe x 1
1 thing home made freezer french fries
3 racks baby back ribs, BBQ

I'm pretty confident I can get the rest of that done.  The cookies shouldn't be too hard once I get started and the ribs will all go in the oven together.  Here's hoping I can get it all done pretty darn quickly :).

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