Friday, March 5, 2010

OAMC Day 3: Recap...

Well, sorta.  I'm going to still put on some ribs to cook tonight (since they aren't getting any younger), but I plan on cooking all three of them at the same time in the oven, so I'm not super worried about it :).

Anyhow, what else did I get done today?  I got the chewy chocolate chip cookies and the two different recipes of breakfast cookies done (for some odd reason Blogger and my camera pictures don't get along sometimes and Blogger will flip the image vertical...that happened with the cookie picture and I finally gave up messing with it...sorry).  One is with bacon and corn flakes (for the DH) and one is with Cheerios, peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips and a SMIDGEN of dried cranberries (for me and the kids).  I'm super happy with how things turned out in the cookie department.

Then I am still making a batch of freezer french fries.  Basically the recipes I found online to actually freezing your own french fries was to put them in a 425 degree oven until JUST done and then you cool them on the cookie sheet, freeze them on the cookie sheet and then store them in either a ziploc bag or (in my case) a 5 quart ice cream bucket.  Since I'm officially going to have a butt load of these, I hope they taste as good when I cook them the "second" time as they do when they came out of the oven.  I flavored them by coating them with olive oil, some seasoned salt and some cajun seasoning (I just added the spices to the oil directly so I'd get an even coating on the fries :).

The orange rolls...well I cheated on those.  My daughter ate the orange I was going to use for the juice and the zest I needed to make them, so I just had my husband pick up a couple tubes of the Pillsbury ones at the store.  I mean come on they keep for at least a month, can be frozen when they are cooked later and they taste yummy (and there were a couple of tubes on reduced at the store).  What more do I need to know?

I'm going to make one lowly bag of pancakes when I make breakfast tommorrow (because I'm plain OUT of freezer space really) and I'm calling it good.  Yay!  I feel good about what I managed to get done though.  Let's check out the list huh?


Chicken Lo Mein x 1
Sweet and Sour Pork x 2 (that are left anyway)
Rice x 1
1 Thing Chicken Thighs
Balsamic Pork x 1
Taco Meat x 2
Freezer Chicken Kiev Piccatta
Pizza Crust x 2
Halibut fillet cut into manageable pieces, lamb chops cut into managable hunks, half thawed and refrozen
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies x 1
Breakfast Cookies, kids recipe x 1
Breakfast Cookies, husband recipe x 1
Farmhouse Chicken x 2
Beef Terriyaki (steaks cup up and marinated) x2
White Bread (breadmaker) x 1
German Black Bread (non-bread maker) x 1
Peach Pie x 1
Refrigerator Pie/Quiche x 1
1 Recipe Master Mix
1 bag chicken thighs cooked with grill seasoning for later dishes
Blueberry Waffles (in G-5 grill)
Freezer Chicken Kiev
1 thing home made freezer french fries (we'll see if I have room for these in the freezer)
3 racks baby back ribs, BBQ (cooking as I post this)

Not too bad for three days worth of work.  I was hoping to get the list done quicker, but whatcha gonna do :).

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