Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Repurpose Wednesday: A Cool Way To Repurpose a Spice Container

First, sorry for the background shot of the "foods that are to be picked up by relatives" and the shot of my dirty floor (I've been sick and it doesn't take much to get dirty does it?) *laugh*, but this was the only angle I could get this to show up at.

So, you know those metal cans of spices you get at the store?  I had a empty bottle of Cinnamon (after I conglomerated about 3 different containers that were about 1/2 used does that always happen?) and thought that it being metal it might be magnetic.  And it was!  So, I thought of making it into a pen/marker holder as I'm always having problems finding a place to stick pens for my shopping list.  I went to Fred Meyer and picked up some high powered magnets (you can just find them over in the stationary section) for like 1.00 a container ages ago to have some magnets on the fridge that worked WELL to hang up things like artwork for the kids.  I then took the lid off the spice container, washed it (duh right) and was ready to rock.

I took some of the high powered magnets and just magnetized them to the inside of the spice container (seen above).  No glue needed here.

Then I just stuck the container to the fridge with some pens and sharpies in it.  And voila!  Instant pen holder.

After I did this I found that there are pics where people had done this before by adhering the magnets with hot glue to the back (darn and here I thought I was original), but I don't see the need to waste the hot glue here :).  You might have to mess around with the amount of magnets to stick to the container so you have the right "weight limit" on your container to hold the amount of pens you want and/or need.  I stuck like four on mine as I wanted it to be able to hold Sharpies too.

So, there you have it folks!  Why throw out a spice container when you can EASILY reuse it to something just as useful!


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