Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Repurpose Wednesday: The Wonderful Mason Jar!

So, once you get into the whole "self sufficiency" lifestyle you're going to notice something.  *Leans in close* Mason jars?  It seems like they GROW or something!  Not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, but if you, like me, HATE to throw away ANY glass jars...well you start to end up with a little "issue" of things to do with some of them.  So, here's just SOME ideas (I might have to make this a series honestly) on how to reuse your empty mason jars.

Image Courtesy of Big Red Kitchen
Big Red Kitchen shows you HERE (well starts to since it's an ongoing series right now :) on how to make your own mason jar meals (don't they look pretty???).

Thanks to Our Best Bites for use of the image
 Our Best Bites shows you HERE how to make individual pies in a 1/2 pint mason jar.  I love this idea an am hoping to make some, cap them and then stack them in the freezer for go to desserts later!  So much fun :).

Thanks to Weeping Cherries for use of the image.
What household DOESN'T have hose clamps in Alaska?  Just take some hose clamps, some mason jars and some wall molding pieces and go to town on this cool mason jar wall organizer :).

NOTE:  The Above Image was removed due to demand by the copyright owner).  Look up "Mason Jar Chandelier" on Google to view the image on Pinterest I guess.  Enjoy!

Grab a canning jar rack, some jars and some string lights and you got yourself one cool chandelier!

Image Courtesy of The Common Cents Home
The Common Cents Home shows you HERE how to make your own foaming mason jar soap dispenser.  I think these are so cool looking!

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart shows you HERE how to make etched glass storage jars.  This would be especially cool to use on those big jars from pickles and such :).

Image Courtesy of Raised in Cotton
Raised in Cotton shows you HERE how to make mason jars into oil lanterns.

Photojojo shows you HERE how to make jar photo frames.

Our Big Earth shows you HERE how to make jar terrariums out of things your kids find.  Good one for home schoolers :).
Under the Shelf Organizer
Yarn Dispenser
Magnetized Storage Strip
 Home Made Simple shares a BUNCH of cool ideas HERE on different things to do with mason jars.  Some of them are pictured above.

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart shows you HERE how to make your own mason jar sewing kit.

Image Courtesy of Gingerbread Snowflakes
Go HERE where Gingerbread Snowflakes shows you how to make your own Mod Podge mason jar lanterns (or jar lanterns period :).

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart shows you HERE how to make jelly jar candles (8 oz. jelly jars work out to be 1/2 pint, by the way...just use straight sided or wide mouth mason jars, not regular mouthed so they don't build up heat...that's at least my advice).

Image Courtesy of Organized Christmas
Organized Christmas gives you one nice list of gifts you can make and give in a jar HERE.

And there you go folks.  Hope something sparked your creativity here ;).  Enjoy your jars!  I know I love mine!


BEFFY! said...

Glad to see this post! I love jar ideas-I just wish I had more time to do them. Also happy to see Big Red Kitchen mentioned-I love Robin! Her jalapeno popper dip is fantastic!

bookladydavina said...

the actual mason jars I'll keep for reuse for my next canning batch (jams, pickled veggies of assorted types, soup stock, juice, syrups, fruits, etc..) but these are great ideas for all those other jars I wind up collecting. def gonna be using some of these..

TreasureAgain said...

Please remove my Mason jar Chandelier image from your blog. Copy Right protected image that needs permission to be used.