Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Preserve It Wednesday (late): How to Make Crock Pot Yogurt

Thanks to for use of the photo!

Okay, so I've gotten a really low batting average on doing these posts consistently on time.  Sorry folks!  But, anyway, if you're trying to preserve some milk that is going to go bad in your fridge you can go HERE where "Savings Life Style shows you how to make home made yogurt in your crock pot.

A couple of quick notes though. Try not to use ultra-pasteurized milk as it doesn't set with the bacteria in the yogurt (too many bacteria in the milk get killed I think), always look for live active cultures in your yogurt when buying your "starter" and be prepared that home made yogurt is NOT going to be as thick as store bought yogurt as most store bought yogurts have corn starch added to them to thicken them up (always good to know that for any possible corn intolerances out there too :).

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