Thursday, April 1, 2010

The OAMC master list...

Man, I'm hoping I'm not biting off more than I can chew tommorrow.  My son has given up sleeping at night, so I've been like a walking zombie for days.  I really and seriously need to crash this weekend.  I hope my husband is up to giving me some sleep Saturday *rubs eyes*. 

My freezer is still sort of full (some of it is going to get emptied tommorrow for ingredients and what not though), and I have some things I want to use up, like a bonless turkey loaf (already cooked I just defrosted it) that I was trying to figure out what to do with, so here's my basic list for tommorrow.

OAMC Master List

Farmhouse Chicken x 1
"Easy to Stuff" Manicotti x 1
Freezer baked french toast x 1
Chicken Lo Mein x 2
Bare noodles (for spaghetti and other dishes later) x 1
Turkey Loaf projects...
  • Turkey slices with cranberry glaze x 1
  • "Chipped" turkey in gravy x 1
  • Thin Sliced turkey for lunchmeat x 1
  • "Turkey Casserole" x 1 (if there's enough turkey left)
Coconut Shrimp x 1
Walnut crusted Halibut
Turkey Meatballs x 1
Home Made "Uncrustables" on whole wheat bread
Home Made Crock Pot Chicken Noodle soup, canned x 1
Chocolate Chip Cookies (which will probably ACTUALLY get done after Easter) x 1

And there you have it folks.  We'll see how far I get and how much room I can squeeze out of my freezers to fit this stuff in.  I'll post up recipe match-ups when I'm done and of course I'll keep you updated on my progress.  Wish me luck.

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