Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skin MD: A Review...

When the makers of Skin MD offered me a full sized bottle of their product, and one to one lucky blog reader, I was enthusiastic to try the product. I have horribly dry skin in the winter and with my son having infintile eczema, I was curious to see what this stuff would do for me. I was pleasantly surprised.

As soon as I put the lotion on my hands, I noticed a couple of things. For one, it absorbed QUICKLY into the skin (a plus when you're a parent). And two, it didn't leave any nasty greasy residue. And when I got my hands wet when my keys fell into the snow on my deck, my hands didn't immediately resemble a grease slick. It was a nice change of pace compared to other moisturizers.

I liked Skin MD a lot. Now it didn't soften my skin immediately, but it sure did seem to almost adhere to the skin so that my hands didn't immediately dry out after a couple of hours. And the one scar that I have on my eyebrow that is slowly but surely resulting in a nasty wrinkle as a result of the scar seemed to tighten up and fade a lot, which was a plus for me (it's one of those things you notice but no one else does types of deals, but for me it was a bonus that I noticed the change).

My hands seem softer and actually tougher after nearly a week of using the lotion. Tougher in that after doing the dishes my hands aren't immediately stinging like mad from the dry skin and wanting to crack on me. They feel like normal "summer hands" (as I like to call it) to me. I'm super impressed with that because I've tried everything from Aquaphor to Vaseline Intensive Therapy, but those haven't had THAT type of result for me. Also, there isn't any nasty "mediciny" smell to this lotion either. You put it on and you would never know to smell your hands that it is there.

So, there you go folks. An honest to goodness opinion on this product. If you'd like to try and win a free full sized bottle of this product (since the makers were nice enough to offer one to one of you lucky people) GO HERE to join!

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