Friday, November 27, 2009

Back from the "Black Friday Rush"...

Woooo! Boy I'm tired. Getting up at 3:30 and rushing around...ahhh fun. 3:30 was not the time I WANTED to get up, but it was the time my cat jumped on my head deciding she wanted to be fed, and since I was going to get up at 4:00 anyway, I figured a half an hour wasn't going to kill me...I'm feeling it now *yawn*. That's what happens when you do a lot of running though.

First I hit Target, because A) My grandmother gave me a giftcard to there for Christmas for the family, and B) They had a digitial camcorder that was a brand I recognized (unlike Sears) and a really cheap Tetrabite hard drive that was the same brand as at Wal-Mart but 30.00 cheaper. So, I got both of them for the price what the tetrabite hard drive would have cost me at Wal-Mart or Sears (sweet!). I got one of the "spiffy" reusable shopping bags and they were all sewn wrong so the outside pocket looks funny (I find it quirky).

On a side note, it is very annoying that the stores only carry like four of an item before running out of stock on Black Friday. I mean, after that one poor man got trampled last year, you'd THINK they'd be better equipped to handle the crowds of people. Sheesh!

My sister-in-law hit Kohls for me (to get Tonkas for my son, who is SO into trucks right now) and I hit Target for her and then we met up and did the rest of our shopping. Allen and Peterson was mobbed, but I came away with my 10.00 giftcard in tact (I heard the woman who won the 500.00 giftcard screaming...good for her! It's good that someone who really wanted it won it =). It wasn't bad at all waiting in line. I got to talk to a very nice woman and her mother who were waiting to get one of the washer and dryer pairs for 499.00. I heard Sports Authority gave out giftcards this morning as well (you would get anywhere from 5.00 to one lucky person got a 500.00 giftcard), but since I was waiting in line to get into Target I wasn't overly worried about getting one of those (and what does 5.00 buy you at Sports Authority? A shoelace? Just curious ;). Wal-Mart was STILL crowded when I went at 8:00 and I heard it was HORRIBLE again this year at 5:00, but I still managed to find everything there I wanted to get for Black Friday sales (other groceries? No way. I'm REALLY starting to not like Wal-Mart...I've got to hit Wal-Mart in Eagle River...I've had much better experiences there), which was cool.

If you are looking for Megablocks though, those sold out at Target AND Wal-Mart within a half an hour, so two day sale or no, I think you're doomed there. Same with anything Transformer related or Hotwheels related.

So, all totaled between Target and Wal-Mart I actually spent 150.00 out of pocket, but got a lot of cool stuff to show for it (and thanks for the Christmas presents grandma!).

And bonus? One of the trucks I ordered off of E-bay for my son came in day before yesterday's mail when I checked it today, so that was an upper AND I got my free coupons for Uncrustables (which I actually used in two shifts...I'll explain that later) and for my free "Fruitabu" smooshed fruit, which I managed to find both at Target, for the under the price of the coupons regular price and everything. It was awesome. AND I got my first 5.00 rebate in from Glade for my candles (wooohoo!), so life is good =). Now if the weather would clear up so I wouldn't have to worry about slipping and sliding to the bank tommorrow, things would be stellar!

I'll give a recap post here in a little bit. For now I need some coffee! Hope you had good experiences with your Black Friday shopping too!

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