Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baking/Prep day...

Well, the kids didn't let me get a WHOLE lot done today, but I WAS able to dig out everything I need to do the cooking part of the equation for tommorrow (cans are out on the counter, baking goods are on the island, the things I need from the freezer are on top or in the should see the cluttered mess my kitchen has become *laugh*). I also got a good amount of chicken cooked in some home made chicken stock (from the freezer of course) today. I'm using drumsticks and will just debone the chicken because that is what was cheap and that is what I have *laugh*. Hopefully, that will make my life easier tommorrow. I also made "the list" *dum dum dum* of things I want to get accomplished cooking-wise tommorrow. I'm hoping to get the Carrs deals done early (if my kids will let me) so I can devote my time to my projects, but we'll see how it goes. I have a few things I want to get out of the freezer tommorrow morning to defrost, so hopefully the kids will be nice and let me do that and then it's fun time!

And I'm sorry to report this, but there is really NOTHING in the way of coupons to report tonight. I'm hoping to do a more in depth look as I drink my coffee tommorrow morning, but we'll see if my son stays up all night again like he did last night. If he does...I might need a COUPLE cups of coffee before I can do anything.

Later days all!

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Life in Lily and Spencer Land said...

I love cooking and enjoy reading about other peoples cooking adventures. Thanks for the occasional cooking posts. I look foward to seeing how it all works out for you.