Monday, September 28, 2009

Alaskan Bargain Hunter Target Giftcard winner!

Okay, so I lied and fell asleep (mainly because after getting the numbers picked it was going to be SO much counting), but I'm up now (my son shifted and woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep for some stupid reason), so I figured what the heck and decided to pick the winner (figuring if nothing else it might put me to sleep).

WOW!!! I'm so happy :-). We had over 100 entries in this latest contest. I'm in awe.

I looked over so many entries and tried to think of a way to make sure that EVERYONE got a fair shake in this contest for a chance to win. I mean really, using a random number generator where you imput 1 to tend to get a number somewhere in the middle, which really isn't FAIR to those who were first to put their names in the hat or dead last to join the contest. So, I thought on it for a while and got an idea.

I went to and used the random number generator TWICE. The first number that popped out I used as my "beginning" number in which to count from and then the second number I used as my "ending" number to end the count at. It seemed the best, and really most "random" way to do things so everyone had a fair shot.

So, after a lot of counting (and doing it TWICE to make sure absolutely that it was right), putting little spots on my screen from my gel pen to make sure my counts were accurate (don't worry they came off) and much eyestrain, the winner of the 10.00 Target giftcard is...

None other than our very own Jessica, who runs Alaska's Best Grocery Deals.

Congratulations Jessica! Please e-mail me as soon as you can with your address and I'll send off the giftcard to you.

Don't worry, though, if you didn't win this time. I have a couple awesome ideas for giveaways in the coming months, and will announce the next one (hopefully) today. So, enjoy and good luck on the next one all!

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Jessica @ Alaska's Best Grocery Deals said...

NO WAY!!! Thank you, Erika! I'm off to send you my address...