Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whoops! I missed something important!

I have been so busy with sick kids that I missed a pretty important question after my coupon match-ups for all you magazine. I just stole the comment so I can answer the question really fast...

"Hi, just found you and am grateful for you doing this. I moved here recently, and am not yet very familiar with Fred's and Carrs. I do get the All You in the mail, and it never has the little coupon booklets. I have a question too. I'm confused about the stacking with the All You coupon. Did you stack with store coupons? If so, which store? It is late and I'm tired, so I might have missed something. :) Thx, Renee"

Renee is referring to me stacking printable coupons with B1G1 coupons. To answer your question Renee, it's legal for you to stack manufacturer coupons if you have say a B1G1 coupon for shampoo with a 1.00/1 coupon for the same shampoo. See, you are using the 1.00/1 coupon for the shampoo you are actually buying and then you get the second one free. The biggest thing here, though, is make SURE you get the people at the store to scan the B1G1 coupon first, because if they don't the computer will try to kick back the B1G1 coupon. See, the computer will automatically try to take off the lowest priced item for the freebie. So if they scan the 1.00/1 coupon first, the computer will try to take THAT item off, which the computers won't do because that's using 2 coupons on one item.

Now mind you, I've had two cashiers do this in the wrong order even when I told them what was going to happen and both times the cashier's looked utterly confused at the computer and then after about two times trying to scan the B1G1 coupon they just imputed it in manually and no harm no foul. It's just easier if they scan them in the other order for the sake of their time.

I've heard people have varying success with using 2 regular coupons (one on each item) on top of a B1G1 coupon, but I just figure you're getting the second item for saving another dollar REALLY worth it if it's not legal couponing ethics? I always figure no and I don't do it, but I can't really comment on the legality of using 2 coupons on one item if that item is going to be free anyway.

Sorry I didn't answer your question before Renee. I've been busy to say the least.

Oh and by the way on the Carrs issue...I haven't gotten a Carrs ad in the mail in (yeesh) like over three months (why I have no idea), so if you want to get the skinny on Carrs deals I'd suggest zooming on over to Alaska's Best Grocery Deals and Jessica over there will hook you up with some decent bargains I'm sure :-).

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Renee said...

Thanks! That is good to know. Those B1G1 coupons and deals get confusing sometimes. I did figure out a while back that I can use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale to get two free.