Saturday, August 15, 2009

Play the Starkist Creation Sweepstakes!!!

Go HERE to play the Starkist Creation Sweepstakes. Sure, you might not win the 500.00 (1 winner per day) or a free product coupon (100 winners per day), but you can dry every day too. And even if you DON'T win (like me...I wasn't surprised let's put it that way) you can still print a coupon for .50/1 Starkist Creations Pouch, which I've seen these on sale and clearance in a couple of different places for like a dollar a pop. Even if you just wait for a sale, this could come in handy :).

Now, I would source where I found this, but in all honesty it was on every blog I hit this morning (I was gone to Hatcher's Pass yesterday...which by the way is BEAUTIFUL in the summertime! I've only ever been there in the winter before), so I'm just going to figure I'm the "latecomer" and go with that.

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