Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prep for Success!

Well today is officially a preparation/baking day!

My kids woke up in a decent mood for a change and I fed them breakfast early. As shown by the pictures, they're actually up and alert for a change.

I have quite a ambitious schedule set. Here's my plans for today. I'll link to recipes later as I get stuff done.

My list of things I'm doing today is as follows...

1 Loaf of breadmaker bread (I'm going to try the Italian Bread)

1 Seafood Lasagna (using the shrimp I bought a while back and I have some left over from spring rolls I made the other night). I was sort of tired of the usual "regular lasagna, so I figured I'd try something different).

1 Freezer French Toast (I messed with the recipe this time so it didn't resemble bread pudding as much...well I hope...if not it'll be REALLY good bread pudding *laugh*)

2 Mini-loaf meatloves (using more of the mini-loaf pans)

1 Farmhouse Chicken Casserole

1 double recipe of Pizza Dough to freeze

1 recipe of sugar cookies (for my husband for a late anniversary gift :-)

And that's my day as I have planned. I'm getting a slightly late start (had to go to the post office and such) BUT I got the loaf of bread cooking away in the breadmaker. I WILL have pictures of things this time to show you all. Promise ;-).

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