Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baking Day part 1!

Well, I didn't get it ALL done today, but I did make a dent. We ended up going into Anchorage with my husband about halfway through the day (which was fun...we haven't been into Anchorage since before Christmas) and got to go along for the drive as he went to pick up parts. I did get some stuff done though, so read on and find out what.

Here is what I did get done...

1 Farmhouse Chicken Casserole (pictured above). I used reduced milk I had in the freezer and then I also added about a couple of small handfulls of grill seasoning and about a teaspoon of Italian seasoning (contains sage, majoram, oregano, etc.). Turned out tasting least in the prep stages.


1 Freezer French Toast I added cinnamon in between my levels (I stacked just regular bread two deep) and grated a little nutmeg on top. Hopefully, it'll taste good and be closer to my recipe for French Toast.


2 Turkey Meatloafs (just replace your regular meatloaf recipe with the turkey, throw in some grill help with the blandness of the turkey...and throw in some parmesan cheese and voila! Great meatloaf).


1 Bread Machine Italian Loaf


1 Seafood lasagna (this one I'll type out the recipe for later if it turns out it tasted good, since it's my creation and all).


And that's that for today. We'll see how I do tommorrow to get the pizza dough done and stuff. Here's hoping.

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