Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY: Home Made Hair Detangler

 This is so insanely simple to make and it works great (tried it out on my daughter this morning...too bad she wasn't feeling good this morning and didn't make it to school, or I'd have a perfectly preened daughter for a change ;).

If you want a quick and easy hair detangler/leave in conditioner it can't be any simpler than this.  Ready?

Home Made Hair Detangler (from Budget 101).
  • Take 1 1/4 cups water
  • Mix in 3 Tablespoons Conditioner of choice (I used an all natural one)
  • One Empty Spray Bottle (I used an empty I had lying around).

Pour all items into spray bottle (use warm/hot water to make this mixing of the fats to water easier) and shake the bottle until everything is combined.  And done!  I KNOW how great is that!

P.S. I find it so funny that I planned this blog post last night (thus the tomb-like quality of the photo...sorry) and woke up this morning to find that A Delightful Home had the exact same thought in mind...and had found the same recipe *laugh*.  What are the odds of THAT happening on the internet?

Enjoy all!

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