Saturday, June 21, 2014

Super Thrifty Saturday (A Few Finds)

In today's edition of Super Thrifty Saturday, I found a few things this week, mainly at used stores.  Sadly, we spent most of today driving around looking for Garage and yard sales in the area that didn't seem to exist (so nothing cool to add to the above items).  Probably due to old signs people forgot to take down from previous yard sales, but it was a bit humorous all the same.  I started joking that it was a conspiracy from the gas companies as they put up the false signs so we'd waste gas.  That was okay, though, as my son and I have been suffering pretty terrible from allergies, so driving around in the filtered air did us both good.

But, anyway, the finds this week were, in my mind, awesome.  Mainly old Tupperware.  I've been running into it a lot lately, which is awesome.  This week I managed to scrounge up the above items.  One Tupperware mold (the white and pink thing).  I'm going to use it for home made gelatin jigglers.  I love all the animal shapes it makes out of the one mold.  I got it cheap because the used store owner had no idea what it was and actually asked me about it when I purchased it as she was baffled. 

I also managed to find a Tupperware cake keeper/transporter and a snack tray with the lid for easy transport.  Considering the way the kids allergies are, both of these will be a huge boon come school time and parties.  And hey, I might entertain one day, who knows. 

I also found an item I'd been looking for, for what seems ages.  A tupperware pitcher.  With seal and lid in tact.  I LOVE that you can seal the lids on the pitchers for transporting on picnics and outings, etc and you can take the entire thing apart to clean the lid super well.  Love it!

All the above items set me back 1.00 a piece, with the exception of the pitcher which cost me 1.50.  Still worth it to me, though.

Hope you had great luck in your Thrifty endeavors this week!  Enjoy!

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