Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Heat Holders: A Review

This is one of those reviews that I had gotten to a point where fall had me so spoiled that I was sort of hoping I'd have to e-mail the nice people at Heat Holders back in February and say, "Gee, I'm sorry I couldn't review your product, but we never had winter this year!"  Ahhh the fantasies I have!

Months ago the fine folks at Heat Holders got in touch with me and asked me if I'd be willing to give their product a try and review it here on the blog.  I promised that I would try them out as soon as the weather got cold enough, and today my friends it DEFINITELY got cold enough.  I think with the wind chill it's running like what, 20 below outside or so right now?  Even by Alaskan standards...brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I had a bunch of errands to run today, so I thought I'd give these suckers a try as I walked (okay more like jogged hurriedly from heated building to heated building) around town.  So, what ARE Heat Holders?  Heat Holders are thermal socks, but not just ANY thermal socks.  Via their website:

"As far as is known and have ever been tested Heat Holders® socks are the warmest thermal socks in the world. They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks because you can just put them on without fussing with batteries, wires etc. Heat Holders® means No more cold feet!"
Now the "no more cold feet" promise, especially when it comes to ALASKAN cold, is no easy feat to meet, so I figured I'd give these socks my version of "cold basic training" today.  Now, just as a note here, I broke my foot in Junior High years ago and ever since then I've had nerve damage in my right foot.  This means that when my right foot gets cold (even though it's always cold feeling), it tends to do me damage in deciding to cramp up on me or other nastiness, so keeping my foot warm is a HUGE necessity for me.  So when I say I'm trying out socks to keep my feet warm, trust me, it's not just "gee my feet are cozy right now" types of feeling I'm going for.  It's, "do these socks keep my feet warm for as long as I need to be out so that I'm not in agony by the time I go inside" type of mindset.

And these socks met, and exceeded, my expectations.  By the time I hit my fifth errand in town, my coffee was cold from sitting in my car (I was actually surprised it wasn't iced coffee by the time I was done), I was cold from running outside to the point I couldn't feel my fingers anymore through my ski gloves, I think my nose is permanently frozen and my clothes were actually crinkling when I moved it was so cold outside.  Yet, and here's the cool part, my feet were WARM!!!  Which is nice because if there is one thing most people say is that if your feet stay warm it helps a lot to keep going.

So, yeah, I can safely recommend Heat Holders for your foot warming needs, even in extreme cold and wind like it is up here right now!  I'm actually seriously thinking about buying myself a pair in women's sizes (I originally thought my husband would review these for me, but he's been so busy and working inside that he hasn't had time), as I know as soon as my husband tries these suckers out he's going to grab the pair I have.

Now I'm off to microwave my very cold cup of coffee and try to warm the rest of me up to the point of matching the heat coming from my feet.  Stay warm everyone!

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Anonymous said...

We discovered these socks while on a motorcycle trip this past October. I think just about everyone in our group bought a pair and we all loved them. I was kicking myself for not keeping the packaging so I could look them up. Glad I found your site and saw these. Thanks!