Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Week of Chicken: Meal Two (and Three)

So, after the first round of baked chicken went over well and my husband fell in love with the cabbage dish, I tried to think of something else that called for baked chicken (figured that was the easiest way to prepare the chicken at first).  So, I threw together this meal.  The stuffing I used was actually left over from Thanksgiving, but I'll share the recipe I use to make it all the same (in a later post of course).  The other recipes I used were actually recipes I make all the time that I shared with on the blog earlier.  Only difference is that I added about, oh, I'd say 1/4 tsp. more  nutmeg to the sweet potatoes (giving them a different flavor) and I used unfiltered apple juice to make both the sweet potatoes and the green beans instead of the mulled apple cider I made them with originally (still turned out REALLY good with the apple juice too...just an FYI :).

Menu Two (or Day Two of Chicken):

  • Baked Chicken with "Poultry Seasoning" (page down to the bottom of the recipe for the seasoning blend)
  • Apple Cider Green Beans
  • Apple Maple Sweet Potatoes 
  • Home Made Cranberry Sauce (from the pantry.  I might share this recipe someday, but since I basically got it from Ball, probably not without a bit more tweaking)
  • Gluten Free Apple Stuffing

Menu Three (day Three of eating chicken) was REALLY easy to report.  We had out and out leftovers (sorry to disappoint there).  I reheated some chicken with the Alaskan seasoning blend on it and we ate whatever side dishes from the two previous days we preferred (we both opted for the cabbage though *laugh*).

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