Monday, January 14, 2013

A Week of Chicken: Meal One

I tried to think of a good way to do this whole "creating new recipes to cope with seven weeks of chicken" thing and came up with this one.  I'll introduce the meals in the order I came up with and served them.  I'll then break down the meal by parts in different posts so you'll get all of the recipes you'd need to make that particular meal.  That way it'll be easier for me to index later on my recipes page and it'll make it easier for YOU because that way you won't have to read a post that is 17 pages long as I try to share multiple recipes in one post :).
Some of the recipes as the week goes on are one dish wonders, so there's no reason to do separate posts to say like, "hey we had pizza, recipe upcoming" or something as that would be redundant, but when I did full out and out meals I'll do a post to introduce the meal and then do the recipes in separate parts.

So, here you go folks.  This is the first meal I served in the seven days of chicken challenge.

Menu One (Recipes for dishes upcoming):
  • Baked Chicken seasoned with Erika's Alaskan Seasoning Blend
  • Bread and Butter Shredded Cabbage (this stuff is AWESOME...just saying :)
  • White Rice (yeah, that one isn't going to get a recipe on how to make it as my rice cooker did all of that work).
  • Dessert:  Banana's Foster Redone

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