Friday, November 11, 2011

Freezer Cooking Friday: Freezer Cinnamon Rolls

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One of my all time weaknesses has always been cinnamon rolls.  I'll admit readily that I also indulge in the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls in a tube at the store from time to time, but honestly they are a poor substitute for real honest to goodness cinnamon rolls.

My main drawback to making cinnamon rolls?  I'm SO not a morning person.  I'm usually a "stagger to the coffeepot mumbling to myself about how evil my children are for being morning people" type of person.

Luckily for my cinnamon roll loving daughter (chip off the old block that one ;), I found that cinnamon rolls, with the good old dough setting on your bread maker (just follow the recipe for basic dough ingredients, add to bread maker in order bread maker prefers and hit your dough setting.  When it beeps, punch down the dough like the recipe calls for, roll out, sprinkle with cinnamon goodness, roll up and cut and yada yada yada) and then the right preparation to freeze and defrost, not only freeze well, but also make yummy additions to your breakfast table with little more preparation than those rolls in a tube :).

Go HERE where My shows you how to make and freeze cinnamon rolls.


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