Monday, October 17, 2011

Totally Gluten Free Tuesday (early): Cinnamon Rolls/Caramel Sticky Buns (gluten free and vegan)

Thanks to The Cinnamon Quill for use of the photo!
Okay, so today is the LAST day I can blog this week pretty much.  I've tried and tried to find room in my schedule for everything, but if I do those pesky things called eating and sleeping I'm pretty much booked for my time everywhere else with autism testing and Anchorage running the rest of the week.  And once we get home we can't exactly eat out with my son's food allergies, so I don't escape dinner making and dish washing :).  So, anyway, I'm going to try and jam a bunch of different posts in today, in between trying to get "Mt. Foldalot" folded and put away and my house cleaned for baby sitters for the rest of the week, so be prepared for a heck of a ride.

Go HERE where Allergic Adventures shows you how to turn a recipe for cinnamon rolls into a wonderful recipe for sticky buns. 

And you want the cinnamon roll recipe too don't you?  Welll....

The Cinnamon Quill shows you HERE how to make some wonderful looking cinnamon rolls!

Who needs gluten with recipes like these on the web?


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BEFFY! said...

Thanks! I make cinn. rolls for a gluten free friend every now and then, so I'll check this out! Have a good week!