Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Made Peppermint Patties: A Yummy Christmas Gift Idea

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Holy COW, I can't believe I have gone this far in my life without joining Lynn's Kitchen Adventures e-mail subscriber list.  I've gotten her recipes for the last week and man not only do they make me hungry, but they are also motivating me to bake more :). And if you join her mailing list right now you can click the link in your e-mail to download her free e-book for entertaining for the holidays (the reason I joined the mailing list to tell the truth).

I wanted to share one of the recipes because I think it would make an awesome Christmas gift.  I made home made chocolates for my husband for our first anniversary (with some help from my "more crafty than I am at the whole candy making thing" sister-in-law) because we were so terribly broke and nothing looks more awesome than some home made chocolates put into a little box with some tissue paper (and Target sells the little boxes for like 2.50 for like four of them, so if you make more than just enough for one person's gifts, you can get off REALLY nice and cheap...and yummy :).

Lynn shares a recipe HERE for home made peppermint patties.  They look pretty darn simple to make, sound totally delicious and I seriously can't wait to try making them.  Just remember to store home made chocolates in the fridge so they don't melt.  That can be messy.

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