Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winner of the Alaskan Bargain Hunter Giveaway!

See, I told you I'd be on top of this *laugh*.  Thanks to all those who participated!  I'm especially pleased with the turn out for such a short period of time giveaway!

And now, without further ado, the winner of the 25.00 Kroger giftcard is....


EDIT:  Kim J. is the winner of the contest.  I completely spaced that there were two Kims that joined.  Sorry for the confusion!  I e-mailed the winner and she got back to me and then I realzied there's another Kim on the list.

DOUBLE EDIT:  What the...darn it!  Blogger didn't post up my "I screwed up with two Kims post" until like five minutes ago!  ARRGGGGHHHHH!!!  I'm super sorry to the other Kim!  If you e-mail me your address I'll send a follow up prize as an apology!
Congrats, Kim!  Be sure to e-mail me your address, so that I can get the giftcard out to you pronto (and by the way MyBlogSpark overnighted my Kroger card yesterday and it came today!  How's that for service!  So, hopefully you'll get yours in time to shop this sale!).  Thanks to all those who participated, once again, and don't worry!  I'm going to post up a new giveaway (this one with a little bit longer time limit *laugh*) in a few hours.  So, be sure to join that one =).

And now, onto the rest of the day!

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