Sunday, January 10, 2010

"New" winner to the Alaskan Bargain Hunter Giveaway...

Well, I waited until midnight last night, but never recieved an e-mail back from our previous winner (via special e-mail or reply to the e-mail I sent out the day I picked the winner), never got an acknowledgement on the blog about e-mailing me or anything, so I have to assume that the other winner missed out on the prize this time. Sorry to cindymotherof4!

So, I reimput everyone into the kiddy (I forgot to mention this last time, BUT if you ever have problems joining in the form on the blog just e-mail me with your information and stuff and I'll put you into the contest that way. 5 people ended up getting joined up for the contest this time around that way :). I then went to and imput the numbers and the new winner of the contest is...

Theresa (via e-mail)

I've e-mailed you to let you know you won and asked for your address. If I don't hear back from the winner (I put this in the e-mail too) by midnight January 12th, I'll pick yet another winner. Thanks, once again, to all those who participated!

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