Thursday, January 28, 2010

The 2010 Homemade Christmas Objective: Part 2

I would feel so proud of myself after the last gift I made, except my husband managed to convince me to give my son his quilt early, so I was down the one gift I had done *laugh*, so I think I'm going to be ending January one gift behind.  But, oh well.  The pictures of what I've been working on (and now completed) are above.  Cost breakdowns?

The material for the pillow (to match the quilt I made for Alvah) cost me nothing because I already had it.  The stuffing is actually made from recycled throw pillow innards (well washed mind you) because since having children I quickly found that having light tan anything?  Bad idea.  The pillows got so kool-aid stained, I finally just washed the crud out of them to make sure the filling was nice and clean and use the filling.  It worked well and I think Alvah will find the pillow pretty darn comfy :).  Best part about it is that I know it'll fit in my washer so it's not a bad thing to have for a child's pillow.

The pillowcase was actually a kit I got at a used store ages ago, so I finally made it up (it's been "almost done" for years, just to make sure you don't think I'm super woman here *laugh*).  It came out looking pretty darn good I'd say.  It's not 100% finished...I'm going to embroider initials of a family member on it, but in case said family members visit this blog I didn't want to give away the surprise completely :). 

So, as it stands right now I have gotten done...

1 quilt (just given to son for being my son *laugh*
1 pillow (same as above)
1 pillowcase (going to give as gift)

So, I'm standing at one thing done for Christmas.  Okay, not where I WANTED to be at the end of January, but not bad.  Cost breakdowns...

All of the above I already had, materials or otherwise so they cost me nothing but my time to make.

So, I think I can get back on track here, hopefully soon.  I'm actually having fun doing this, which is cool.  Here's hoping I can keep my momentum up.

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