Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winner of the "Alaskan Bargain Hunter" monthly giveaway!

We had a FAIR turnout this time around for the contest. I'm sort of pleased since it was for dishes this time I figured we wouldn't get much of a turnout. So, let's get to it shall we?

I went to to pick a winner and after doing the EXHAUSTING task of inputting the upper and lower numbers *laugh* the official winner of the "Southern Living at Home Tango Spreaders" is....


So, Kate, please e-mail me at the link on the side of the page and e-mail me your address (since you didn't give contact information) and I'll mail off your prize post-haste!

If Kate doesn't get back to me by Sunday I'll pick a new winner.

Thanks to all who participated!

ANNNNNDDD there is no way I'm going to get the Carrs deals done tonight. I'll do it tommorrow or Thursday. Good night everyone!

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