Friday, October 16, 2009, a review

I don't know how many of you have ever used, but if you haven't...allow me to share the site with you.

You can use two different ways. You can go there and ask a question of the staff on a certain product you want to purchase and someone will answer your question (like for instance someone I talked to had asked if they could puree a certain viscosity in a certain food processor without danger of messing up the engine. The answer they got? No. But it was good to know before they went out and bought it :-). You can also share YOUR knowledge of products with others if they have a question that you have an answer to.

You can also use it to compare prices on appliances and other things that you are thinking of buying. I haven't used this feature on this site or really many other sites period because with shipping to Alaska we all know the "sticker price" on an item is 99% of the time misleading.

I DID use to look up my fridge that we were having an issue with a while ago and found that someone had already asked the question and gotten an answer, so I just read that. The answer was that it was covered by manufacturer warranty, we contacted the manufacturer and voila got it fixed. Easy peazy.

What did I like about the site? I liked how easy the site was to navigate (there is a "search" field...plug in question or product...easy. I liked how there is a question field on EVERY single product page for you to ask anything you want to know about (making things wayyyyy easier than trying to find that blasted "contact us" link all the time). I liked how the staff answered questions quickly (I didn't ask a question myself, but the person's answer I read who had the same question as me? Their question was answered within hours) and they answer them in a way that is VERY easy to understand (which with my brain capacity on no sleep sure did help out when I needed it). Other users can also answer your questions so you can get honest to goodness feedback on an item quickly and you can put in your two cents on something if you know the answer. I wish I had used this for my vaccuum cleaner...I would never have bought it if I had talked to other parents who had to vaccuum up cheerios first.

I would suggest checking out the next time you have a question on a certain item you are thinking about purchasing or if you want to compare prices quickly and in one spot. can never been TOO educated when shopping for a product. That's why I honestly wanted to mention this site. Because in this economy, "buyer beware" is becoming more and more of an issue and trying to "return" a defective item or one that doesn't match your expectations is becoming harder and harder (for instance? unless the item is defective, Target will charge you a restocking fee on electronics...I'm not sure about appliances, but I'm pretty sure that falls under there too, Wal-Mart only lets you return electronics for 15 get the idea).

So, go educate yourself and share your knowledge!

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