Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Program...

First off, no I don't personally buy Huggies. I love the generic Target brand diapers instead because they fit my kids great, hold up just as good as premium diapers and are MUCH MUCH cheaper. That being said, I still do the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program. Why? Because you can get free codes online, play games and win prizes. It's free to join and I THINK you get like 2 bonus points for signing up, but it's been a while since I joined, so I can't really remember.

I won a 25.00 prepaid Visa with this program about three months ago and boy did it help pay for groceries when money was tight!

Right now, the site is offering a Interactive Game where if you can find the hiding places of three babies you can win anywhere from 10.00 to 10,000.00. The game takes 2 points to play every time but you can play as many times as you have points. And here's the kicker. There are 4000 winners per day AND you can win multiple times per day.

Mind you, I haven't had any luck playing this game, but I'm not very lucky. BUT there have been reports of a lot of people winning multiple times and winning things like 1000.00 at a shot.

So, if you want to play, Cent Saving Mom just posted 81 points you can use (inputting these codes takes FOREVER, so do it when you have an hour...seriously). Also, if you want pointers on playing sweepstakes and online games I'd suggest going to Freebies4mom.com. She's considered one of the online "experts" on this subject and she is VERY nice and very helpful in answering questions and she LOVES to see her readers win games (she was thrilled when she learned I won the 25.00 giftcard). How can you beat that?

Go HERE to create an account or log in.

So go enjoy and good luck to everyone!

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